Ship registration increases by 7% in Malta so far in 2019

Shipping company CMA CGM has moved 49 ships under the Maltese flag.  This means that its gross tonnage registered locally represents 11% of the fleet which it has registered in Malta.  The company has in fact already previously completed the ship registration process for another 38 ships under the Malta flag.

The General Registrar of Shipping within Transport Malta, Ivan Sammut, said recent months have seen an increased unprecedented number of new registrations.  He said during the first six months the increase of 7% was the largest in the world.

In all, 8,300 ships and 780 superyachts, with more than 82 million gross tonnes in vessels, now sail under the Maltese flag. More than 6% of the world’s merchant shipping are registered in Malta. This confirms further that the Malta Register of Merchant Vessels is the largest in the EU and the sixth largest in the world.

Transport Minister Ian Borg also announced on Tuesday that a quarter of the cruise liner ships being built intend to register under the Malta flag. The flag also includes 780 registered superyachts. Mr Borg also pointed out that the average age of ships registered in Malta between January and June 2019 was nine years – one of the lowest ever.

Malta is classified on the official low risk ships list published by the Paris MoU, while also being confirmed on the Tokyo MoU’s White List.

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Source: TVM