Notices from Transport Malta

Transport Malta have issued the following notices 


Commercial Yachting Notice 8


The Merchant Shipping Directorate informs Seafarers about the decision taken pertaining to the requirement concerning 9 GHz X-Band radars for yachts < 300 GT as detailed in the CYC 2020 Section

CYC Code Section should now read:

“All yachts shall be equipped with a MED or CE Certified (for yachts < 300 GT) 9 GHz X-Band radar capable of determining and displaying the range and bearing of radar transponders (SARTs), and of other surface craft, obstructions, buoys, shorelines and navigational marks to assist in navigation and in collision avoidance. For yachts ≥ 300GT the unit shall be capable of triggering a SART transponder within at least a 5nm radius.”

Recommendations that are active in relation to the replacement of the 9 GHz radar on yachts < 300 GT, requiring compliance with the 5nm triggering radius, should be deleted and the owners/managers shall be informed by their respective RO/Appointed Surveyor accordingly.


Commercial Yachting Notice 7


The Merchant Shipping Directorate informs Seafarers about the Pleasure Yacht changeover guidelines. This guide is an addition to the Malta Commercial Yacht Code (CYC), providing information about transition from a Commercial Yacht to a Pleasure Yacht and vice versa.

Maltese registered yachts do not have a limit on the number of changes and the change duration, noting that this is done subject to fees and provisions of the First Schedule of the Merchant Shipping Act (CAP.234) Para A.iii.

The Merchant Shipping Directorate also recommends that Commercial yachts that go through the changeover process continue the same surveying and certification processes used for Commercial yachts.

When applying for a changeover, an undertaking from the yacht’s owners/managers assuring the Certificate of Registry shall be received by the Maltese representative. This is returned to the Administration once the new Certificate of Registry is received onboard. The application should include a copy of the undertaking and changeovers are to be recorded on the yacht’s logbook.


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