The Malta Flag is a European Flag of confidence and a flag of choice. Its good standing is evidenced by the many leading Ship Owning and Ship Management companies which register their vessels under the Malta Flag, and by International Banks and Financiers who often recommend the Maltese Register and Malta Ship Registration under the Malta Flag.



Advantages of registering a ship in Malta

1) Malta is a member of the European Union.
2) Competitive ship registration and tonnage tax fees.
3) Progressive reduction in registration and tonnage tax for younger vessels. Read More 



Malta FlagRegistration process and other information

The vessel is first provisionally registered under the Malta flag for six months (extendable for a further period, or periods not exceeding in the aggregate six months) during which time permanent registration needs to be finalised.  Read More 



Malta Flag

Yacht and Ship registration in Malta

Malta has the largest ship register in Europe. Its good standing is evidenced both by the number of Ship Owning and Ship Management companies of repute which register their ships in Malta, and also by the confidence shown by. Read More